Shangri-La Frontier Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Writing Tool Knight Queen
Episode Description:
Rakuro recognises Arthur as a fellow trash game hunter. They met in a post-apocalyptic trash game where gamers often ignored the impossible main quests to focus on fighting each other for resources. Arthur fought her way to becoming queen and the games unofficial final boss, the Dystopian Empress. In the end Rakuro killed her in a suicide mission, beginning their unusual friendship/rivalry. Arthur has travelled all the way from the 50th city Fifticia to kill him. Animalia reveals Arthur is the level 99 second-in-command of Ashura Kai, specialising in assassinating player’s even higher level than herself. As they fight Arthur passes a demand from Ashura Kai’s leader to publicly share how to access the unique scenario for vorpal rabbit NPC’s. Emul can’t sustain her human form and reverts back to a rabbit. To protect Emul Animalia attacks Arthur, allowing Rakuro to dash for Thirdrema’s gate to establish a respawn point but is stopped by Arthur’s fellow assassins. Animalia is defeated and begins dying of poison magic. From nowhere, Rakuro is rescued by Rei, having finally learned his location from her sister, Psyger-100, from the photograph of him with Lycagon’s mark. Arthur is delighted to see Rei, whom she knows in-game as Psyger-0, but the distraction lets Animalia attack her with magic.

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