Shiki Episode 20.5 OVA English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Twentieth Mourning and Offense.
Episode Description:
In a flashback, Nao explains to Mr. and Mrs. Hasegawa about her joy of marrying into the Yasumori family. After mentioning her son Susumu, Nao asks the couple if they have any children; Mr. Hasegawa tells her that they lost their children* in an accident. Afterward, Mr. Hasegawa reminds his wife that they are not the only people who have suffered losses; and that he is glad that they moved to Sotoba. In the present, more shiki discover the entrance to the irrigation pipeline and take refuge in it; however, Sadafumi Tamo leads a group of villagers into the pipeline to permanently kill them. The shiki retaliate, but are soon overpowered and retreat further into the pipeline, which leads into a dead end crawl space. Nao has hallucinations about her dead family and repents for her sins. Eventually, the villagers run out of stakes, so they capture and bind the remaining shiki and take them to the surface to be burnt by the morning sunlight. Upon seeing the shiki suffer, Hasegawa shows them mercy by impaling each one's hearts with a metal rod, while the other villagers look on. After Hasegawa finishes by killing a barely-recognizable Nao, his wife consoles him as he falls to his knees, crying.

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