Shinmai Maou no Testament OVA English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Hard, Sweet Daily Life of Toujou Basara.
Episode Description:
While preparing breakfast Maria sees that Mio is having an erotic dream and decides to use a magic spell allowing her to record Mio's dream on her camera. In her dream Mio believes Maria is Basara and allows Maria to strip her naked and almost molest her with a banana, only stopping when the real Basara arrives and punishes Maria. Later Maria tricks Basara into eating a breakfast with Mio's underwear. Basara is about to punish Maria more harshly when Yuki arrives and immediately removes her own panties so Basara can eat them as well. Upset at his refusal of her panties Yuki strips naked but Mio wakes up and subdues Basara and Maria with her lightning. At school Basara visits Chisato to treat a small cut but she is only wearing a swimsuit she cannot remove due to a broken zip. Basara manages to open the zip but accidentally exposes her breasts. Instead of being angry she invites him to dinner after school at her apartment. After cooking for him Chisato is curious about Basara's physical relationship with Mio and the others and requests that he hug her, which he does while happily claiming her cooking reminds him of how a mothers cooking should taste, though he can't remember his own mothers cooking. Chisato insists Basara bathe while she washes his clothes so he won't smell like her when he returns home. After she joins him in the bathroom Chisato admits she invited him there so she could learn what it is like to be in a relationship. An embarrassed Basara allows her to wash his back with her breasts and ends up giving her advice on how to improve her breast washing technique. Hasegawa ends up giving Basara her first ever kiss, to which he eagerly responds as they appear to have sex. However, Basara suddenly wakes up confused with his head in Chisato's lap, who claims he passed out from the excitement, though Basara appears only vaguely able to remember being in the bath with her. Chisato, now acting like his teacher once more, offers to drive him home. However, Basara chooses to walk home, claiming he has things to think about.

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