Silent Mobius Episode 13 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Category 4.
Episode Description:
Six months after Katsumi Liqueur left the AMP, she is living with Roy De Vice. The Metro Police Board publicly acknowledges the existence of the Lucifer Hawk extra terrestrials and the AMP who have been assigned to combat them. However, Roy is unaware that Nemesis blood runs in Katsumi's veins which designates her as a Category 4 Lucifer Hawk. One day, Katsumi uses her powers to rescue some vigilantes from a Lucifer Hawk, but they attack her instead. The Lucifer Hawk takes her to safety even though it is badly wounded and it then sacrifices itself to save her. The episode is in fact an illusion created by Ganossa Maximilian in an effort to convince Katsumi to join Nemesis, but she refuses and decides to stay with Roy. Rally Cheyenne then decides to reveal to Katsumi the truth about "Project Gaia" and her father Gigelf's role in it.

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