Solo Leveling Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
If I had one more chance
Episode Description:
Jin-woo realizes that the dungeon they are in has specific rules by which to survive the statues - first, to "revere God," second to "praise God," and finally to "prove your faith to God." Several Hunters are killed as Jin-woo and the senior Hunter leading the party, Song Chi-yul, slowly manage to decipher the instructions on how to survive. Finally, only Chi-yul, Joo-hee (who has collapsed from the stress), and Jin-woo are left, and Jin-woo tells Chi-yul to evacuate with Joo-hee while he holds the door. Left alone, Jin-woo rages against his imminent death, and receives a message that he has completed the hidden quest and may become a [Player] if he accepts the offer before his heart stops.

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