South Park Season 15 Episode 14 The Poor Kid


Episode Title:
The Poor Kid.
Episode Description:
Kenny's parents are arrested for having a meth lab at their home, an event documented on the reality show White Trash in Trouble. As a result, Kenny and his two siblings are placed with the Weatherheads, a militantly agnostic foster family living in Greeley that forbid their numerous foster children from expressing any notions of certainty. Their agnosticism manifests itself in a number of peculiar ways, such as their edict that the children can only drink "agnostic beverages" such as Dr. Pepper, because no one can be certain as to what flavor it is, and hypothesizing that God could be "a giant reptilian bird in charge of everything." Because of his younger sister Karen's sadness and fear over their new living situation, Kenny attempts to protect and comfort her by adopting his Mysterion persona, whom she comes to see as her guardian angel...

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