Strike the Blood OVA Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Kingdom of the Valkyria I.
Episode Description:
A renewal of the non-aggression treaty between the Kingdom of Aldegyr and the Warlord's Empire is scheduled to be signed in the acceptably neutral Itogami City. King Lucas' misgivings about La Folia's relationship with the Fourth Progenitor result in him pressuring his daughter to quickly get engaged to someone. The Rihavein's host a large event that night and everyone is invited. Giant, flying, demon bugs crash the party and menace the attendees. Kojo obliterates the insects and then comforts an apparent victim, a maid from the event. Licking Kojo's chest in gratitude the maid runs off. Thereafter that night, Kojo acts strangely and is more forward with his female friends than usual. His will having abandoned him and at the behest of the now-domineering maid, Kojo abducts La Folia and Yukina.

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