Summer Time Rendering Episode 13 English Dubbed


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Shinpei and Ushio are looped back to the moment he revealed himself as a time traveler to Hizuru and Nezu. Hizuru realizes, that Shinpei's eye, which allows him to loop is made from Shadows and that Ushio granted him this power. They decide to work together to the end, to avoid failure, after which Ushio shows them her memories from previous loops. Sou attempts to talk to his father, but Seido brushes him off. Shinpei, Ushio, Hizuru and Nezu show up at the Kobayakawa household, expecting the same victorious outcome. Unfortunately for them, Haine and Shide - the four-armed Shadow - were inside, lying in wait. Hizuru is sent out flying through the window, and the four-armed Shadow crushes her head, while also piercing Nezu's. Haine reveals, that the mark placed on Shinpei allows them to follow him through all loops, and basically loop together with him. Before he could be captured by the Shadows, Ushio lops Shinpei's head off. Instead of instantly looping back, Shinpei and Ushio end up in a memory of Hizuru's from 14 years ago, seeing her together with the real Ryuunosuke. They follow the siblings to the Kofune restaurant, where Shinpei sees his parents alive, hanging out with Karikiri and Alan. Hizuru reveals to her brother and Asako, her best friend, that she made a new friend on Takanosu mountain. They go out in the rain to the mountain, ending up at the old Hishigata clinic, where Hizuru reveals, that her friend is Haine, who awaits them in the clinic.

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