Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Here Comes Ayeka!.
Episode Description:
Ayeka Masaki Jurai awakens from her sleep and arrives on Earth in pursuit of Ryoko and her brother Yosho. The battle ensues, and in short order the guardians Azaka and Kamadake capture both Ryoko and Tenchi. Later, while Ayeka sleeps, Tenchi meets her younger sister Sasami Masaki Jurai who provides an escape for Tenchi, with the guardians pursuing them both. After a short jail-break, Ryoko joins them on the run from Ayeka's wrath. As the battle continues, Ryo-Ohki forces Ayeka's ship out of orbit into the lake near the Misaki house, destroying both ships.

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