Tenshi ni Narumon! Episode 25 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Because I Want Everything, I Need Nothing.
Episode Description:
Having turned her companions into dolls, Silky goes to the human world herself to prevent Noelle from becoming an angel. Noelle awakens in Mikael's arms as he continues scaling the stairs to heaven, and attempts to run away from him when he explains his plan to use the Durian Comet to help grant their wish to become angels. Yuusuke begins following the two up the staircase, leaving Natsumi at the base of the clocktower for safety, although she is soon attacked by Silky, who also intends to stop Mikael. Noelle continues to try and run from Mikael, and after a brief struggle wherein he catches her, she takes the Book of Chaos and throws it, forcing Mikael to go after it...

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