The Big Snit

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Episode Title:
The Big Snit.
Episode Description:
A married couple plays a game of Scrabble that has stalemated as the husband is unable to come up with a word. The two go their separate ways; he watches his favorite TV show, "Sawing for Teens," while his wife works on cleaning the house. While the husband dozes off, "Sawing for Teens" is interrupted by the emergency warning: global nuclear war has begun, and the streets have descended into chaos. As he awakens, his cat severs the TV's electrical cord, and he returns to the game board, unaware of the global cataclysm, and sneaking a peek at his wife's letters. The wife, finished with her cleaning and also oblivious, catches him in the act, which he denies. The two begin arguing over every petty flaw each one has, to the point where the wife runs away in tears...

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