The Dangers in My Heart Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
I Have a Problem
Episode Description:
Kyotaro decides love is a mental illness. When Anna brings a milk based snack to the library he insists she use a bowl, but they are caught by a teacher, causing the snack to spill all over Anna. Kyotaro notices the spilled snack looks lewd. Kyotaro notices Kanaoya staring at Anna and deduces she wants to talk to her so he leaves them alone in the library. Kanaoya apologizes for hurting Anna’s nose. Serina noticed what Kyotaro did and thanks him. Somehow, Kyotaro ends up taking Anna home on his bike. While drinking, Anna gives Kyotaro the bottle lid, then after getting home she gives him his own bottle as a thank you for the ride, so Kyotaro embarrassingly gives her the lid from his bottle, making her laugh. Anna spots Kyotaro with his doting older sister and is cheerfully envious since she is an only child. Kyotaro realizes Anna came to talk to him on purpose, despite her claim otherwise. Anna gets in trouble for snacking in the library until Kyotaro points out the lack of evidence. The teacher is so happy to see Kyotaro interacting with people he forgets to scold Anna. Grateful, Anna announces they are friends now.

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