The Electric Piper

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Episode Title:
The Electric Piper.
Episode Description:
In the small town U.S. town of Hamlin, the parents of the city are overly protective of their children and refuse to listen to them and allow them to pursue their own life interests. One day, the mayor of the town, Nick Dixon, drives his children, Mick and Janice, home after finding out to his displeasure that his son was playing his guitar in class. While his mother, Patricia, and Janice like his music, Nick refuses to let him play and orders him to focus on his school work. Janice is told by Nick all she has to do in life is be wise on who she marries. Soon after, Mick and Janice notice that Hamlin is being taken over by rats lead by their king, Rat-A-Tat-Tat and his helper, Rinky-Dink-Dink. The parents are so focused on controlling their children that they don't notice the rats. A mysterious man named Sly enters the town and shows the children that he possesses magical powers which are fueled by him playing his guitar and harmonica. After much trouble, the children convince the adults to allow Sly to get rid of the rats as long as Sly is given Nick's old motorcycle named "Marilyn". It is then revealed that Nick used to be in a biker gang and met Patricia when he drove into a town and found her working at a cafe. Nick at first refuses but later changes his mind once the rats completely overtake Hamlin. Using his music, Sly is able to persuade the rats to leave Hamlin by hypnotizing them to swim out of the area in the rivers leading out of the town. After the job is done, Nick refuses to give Sly his motorcycle. Sly retreats to the top of a mountain and convinces the children to join him on his journey...

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