The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1986

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Episode Title:
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1986.
Episode Description:
Claude Frollo is attempting alchemy, but cannot concentrate due to his thoughts of Esmeralda, the gypsy dancer. He informs Quasimodo, his hunchbacked and deaf servant, that he needs him to assist in kidnapping Esmeralda. In the Paris streets is the poet Gringoire, who also pines for Esmeralda, and laments his dilemma through poetry. Esmeralda herself passes by, and Quasimodo tries to kidnap her on Frollo's orders. Gringoire tries to save her, but is knocked to the ground instead. Esmeralda is successfully rescued by Captain Phoebus, who has the hunchback arrested, while Frollo escapes. Esmeralda takes a liking to Phoebus, and remarks on the beauty of his name when he leaves. Gringoire is chased by faux cripples into the court of miracles, the den of beggars and thieves. Clopin, the king of these people, decides to hang Gringoire. Gringoire, to avoid death, has to perform a test, which he quickly fails. He is then offered to women to avoid hanging. Esmeralda marries him, but only out of pity. The next day, the archbishop visits Frollo in his cell and informs him that Quasimodo has been arrested. Frollo refuses to testify at the trial, using the false excuse of not wanting to disgrace the church. At the Palis de Justice, the deaf judge assumes he is being mocked, as Quasimodo is unable to properly answer the judge's questions, and sentences him to a flogging...

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