The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
A Cherry Blossom Meeting and a Coming Blizzard
Episode Description:
In an alternate Japan there exist people whose ancestors were spirits. Fuyutsuki, a human woman notable for her cool personality, gets her first job in an office. During her commute she encounters Himuro, a young man whose feet are frozen in ice. Himuro explains he is descended from the Snow Woman spirit and possesses ice magic but his fear of starting a new job froze his feet. Fuyutsuki shares tea with him until the ice melts and Himuro develops a crush on her. By coincidence they have both been hired by the same company along with Saejima, a human, and Komori, a descendant of the Fox spirit. Fuyutsuki learns Himuro loves flowers and cats but cannot go near them as his powers freeze them. The next day Fuyutsuki gives Himuro straw packaging, which can protect plants from frost, and a collection of her cats whiskers, and Himuro falls in love with her, accidentally filling the office with a snow storm, though Fuyutsuki seems oblivious. The company announces a trip to Okinawa to welcome new employees but for some reason Himuro is reluctant to go.

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