The Irresponsible Captain Tylor From Here to Eternity

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Episode Title:
From Here to Eternity.
Episode Description:
Some time has elapsed since Tylor and the Soyokaze lead the UPSF forces to victory. The Raalgon war has cooled to a point where it can probably no longer considered to be one: in fact, many of the Soyokaze crew had been temporarily reassigned. Even Azalyn had taken time away from her duties as Empress. Although generally placid, some areas of the galaxy are certainly not: the Raalgon cabinet is in turmoil (at Wang’s urging) and some odd things are happening on the frontier. There are the reports of ships being destroyed (including Yamamoto’s first command) under questionable circumstances. It also seems to some that the UPSF is being pushed towards full scale war with the Raalgon Empire, but why would this be ... and who’s doing the pushing? While there are people who don’t believe what they’re told, they’re probably too few and too late...

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