The Little Troll Prince

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Episode Title:
The Little Troll Prince.
Episode Description:
In a Norwegian mountain village, children play under the shadow of a sinister mountain of the trolls. In one small cottage, a gnome named Bu (voiced by Danny Cooksey) is happily decorating his own home with Christmas decorations, aided by mice and birds. He explains to the viewers that the Christmas season doesn't really start for him until the arrival of the Christmas tree, at which point two girls and their father return to the cottage dragging a tree on a sleigh. When the humans set the tree up in their home below, the uppermost branches are pushed through a hole in the attic to form a miniature tree for the gnome. He quickly decorates the tree, topping it with a minuscule Bible. Bu explains that while humans and gnomes love Christmas, trolls do not. He explains that trolls live high in the mountains because they fear our world — to them, all that is good is bad, all that is right is wrong and that Christmas is scarier than Halloween. They have no word for "love", and do not believe in God. He adds that he knows all this because the previous year he not only lived among the trolls, but was their crown prince. The film turns to the previous December. Bu narrates how his father, the two-headed King Ulvik (voiced by Vincent Price and Jonathan Winters), could grow so angry that storms would sweep across Norway...

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