The Missing Lynx

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Episode Title:
The Missing Lynx.
Episode Description:
After one of his countless mishaps, Félix (Felix in the English version), a clumsy and unlucky Iberian lynx, is transported to the animal recovery shelter at the Doñana National Park, along with Beeea (Beeety in the English version), a daredevil goat, and Astarté, a brave falcon with an injured wing. However, the national park had undergone security measures while Félix was gone. Mysterious animal kidnappings have occurred at other national parks and animal preservations, which had caused the shelter to be turned into a prison-like structure, leading Félix's paranoid chameleon friend Gus to believe that their human caretakers are in a conspiracy to keep the animals locked up for experiments. While the others are skeptical of Gus's claims, a female lynx, Lincesa (Lynxette in the English version), is brought to the shelter; she and Félix begin to form an attraction to each other. In the dead of night, the shelter is infiltrated by mercenaries led by Newmann, the self-titled "greatest hunter in the world", hired by an eccentric millionaire, Noé (Noah in the English version), who has created a sort of Noah's Ark for threatened species. Due to the antics of two bumbling mercenaries, Félix is able to escape from his cage and free his friends from the transport trucks, with the exception of Lincesa being hit with a sedative dart by Newmann. With some encouragement, Astarté is able to fly back to the shelter and set off the alarm, alerting the humans to their disappearance. Félix and his friends set out to find the kidnapped animals and stop Noé's plans, later accompanied by their mole friend Rupert, who escaped from the ship. They enlist a pack of wolves to help them evade Newmann and the pursuing mercenaries, however, the wolves are caught along with a few other animals, and Félix starts to believe that it's his bad luck to blame for them being followed. They meet Diogenes, a vulture with a mission to clean the environment, who supplies the group with materials to build a makeshift transport to outrun the mercenaries. However, Félix abandons the group to protect them from his bad luck...

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