The Secret of the Sword

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Episode Title:
The Secret of the Sword.
Episode Description:
The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull is woken one night by a mysterious magic sword that leads her to a glowing portal known as a 'Time Gate'. Recognizing the sword as the 'Sword of Protection', the Sorceress summons Prince Adam and Cringer the tiger to Castle Grayskull and sends them through the portal to find the person destined to possess the sword. Finding themselves in the otherdimensional world of Etheria, Adam and Cringer stop at an inn for lunch and discover Etheria is ruled by an evil intergalactic army known as the Horde. When some Hordesmen soldiers cause trouble in the inn, Adam stands up to them and gets into a fight which he wins with the help of an archer named Bow, who tells Adam that he and his friend Kowl are members of the 'Great Rebellion'. As word of the fight reaches Hordak, leader of the Horde, Bow and Kowl take Adam and Cringer to the Rebellion's base in the Whispering Woods. They meet the other Rebels, including their leader Princess Glimmer, tree people the Twiggetts and Madame Razz, the comically inept witch, who arrives on her talking Broom to reveal that the Horde are threatening to enslave the villagers unless the Rebels responsible for the fight in the inn give themselves up. Bow is willing to do this, but Adam and Glimmer convince the group that they should fight back to save the villagers instead. As the Horde, led by Force Captain Adora, start taking away the villagers they are attacked by the Rebels, aided by Adam and Cringer in their secret identities as He-Man and Battle Cat. He-Man confronts Adora and the Sword of Protection glows in her presence, revealing that she is the one he's looking for - unfortunately this distraction allows the Horde to knock He-Man out and capture him. Madame Razz uses divination to discover that the Horde have taken He-Man to their prison complex on Beast Island and the Rebels head there to attempt a rescue. In the prison, Adora interrogates He-Man and agrees that the sword seems to be meant for her, to which He-Man retorts that he is to give it to someone who serves good rather than evil. As it turns out Adora thinks the Rebels are evil and the Horde the rightful, benevolent rulers of Etheria, although she admits to not knowing much about life outside the Horde's base. When He-Man dares her to see for herself what life on Etheria is really like, Adora says she'll think about it. The Rebels arrive on Beast Island and manage to get into the prison to find He-Man, only to get captured and imprisoned themselves. Luckily, Kowl manages to elude capture and frees He-Man, who then frees the others and destroys the prison. In the meanwhile, Adora has ventured into the towns outside the Fright Zone and sees first-hand the cruelties Etheria's citizens are forced to endure at the hands of the Horde...

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