The Snow Queen 1957

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Episode Title:
The Snow Queen 1957.
Episode Description:
Hans Christian Andersen's story is simplified in this animated version of his fairy tale. A little man, who introduces himself as "old Dreamy" ("Ole Lukøje"), he tells the viewer that on days when the master storyteller Andersen is not overtired, he puts him to sleep with his colorful, magic umbrella ("slumbrella") causing him to dream wonderful stories—from which he then writes his fairy tales. Old Dreamy narrates the story of the Snow Queen. The young lovers, Kay and Gerda are in their window box garden, planting two roses together, which Kay calls "our roses". On the next winter night, Gerda's grandmother tells the two children the legend of the Snow Queen. The viewer is taken to the Snow Queen's palace of ice in the far north (on Spitsbergen) where she sits on her throne and looks into her mirror. The Snow Queen's proud and frowning face is seen by Gerda through a frosted window who exclaims, "It's the Snow Queen!". Kay jokes, "Let her come in here, and I'll put her on a hot stove!". This angers the Snow Queen, who is watching the children in her mirror, who becomes angry and smashes the mirror with her scepter. The ice splinters of the shattered mirror go into the eyes and hearts of those who have offended her. Back at Gerda's home, the window bursts open and ice splinters enter Kay's eyes and heart. He becomes hostile toward Gerda, and when Gerda sees that the cold wind and snow have killed blackened their roses, Kay stomps on them and kicks them about in glee. He then leaves Gerda in tears to be comforted by her grandmother. The next day, Kay goes for a sled ride in the marketplace of the city. Gerda wants to come along, riding on Kay's sled as she has always done. Kay pushes the horses into a race, knocking Gerda off the sled, but she tries not to cry. Kay ties his sled to the sleigh of the Snow Queen, which has suddenly appeared, to Gerda's horror. The Snow Queen pulls Kay on his sled out of the city, where she stops and confronts him, taking him into her arms as her willing captive, since his heart is as cold as ice. The Snow Queen's presence freezes a mother bird to death as she protects her young under her. These young birds will appear later in the story...

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