The Swan Princess 1994

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Episode Title:
The Swan Princess 1994
Episode Description:
King William (Dakin Matthews), widowed father of newborn Princess Odette, and Queen Uberta (Sandy Duncan), widowed mother of young Prince Derek, decide to betroth their children in the hopes of uniting their kingdoms. However, the evil sorcerer Rothbart (Jack Palance), is planning to take William's kingdom for himself by mastering a type of dark magic known as The Forbidden Arts. Before he can strike, Rothbart is arrested by William's men. Despite calls for his death, King William spares Rothbart's life and banishes him. A hateful Rothbart swears to William that he will get his power back and take everything William owns and loves.William and Uberta make Odette and Derek meet every summer, hoping they'll fall in love. When they meet for the first time, the royal children take an immidiant dislike for each other, but as the years pass they gradually fall in love. But when Derek (Howard McGillin) only expresses love for Odette's (Michelle Nicastro) beauty, she and her father leave disappointed. On their journey home, they are ambushed by the vengeful Rothbart, who transforms into a "Great Animal" with his new powers, kidnapping Odette and fatally injuring William. Derek arrives on the scene and William tells him with his dying breath of a "Great Animal", and Odette is gone. After seaching and finding no sign of Odette, the entire Kingdom assumes she's dead. Uberta encourages her son to find another princess, but Derek is determined to find Odette believing she still lives. He and his best friend Bromley (Joel McKinnon Miller) practice hunting every day in preparation to face the Great Animal.Elsewhere, Rothbart is keeping Odette at his castle lair at Swan Lake. He has cast a powerful spell that turns Odette into a swan during the day. At night, she can become human temporarily if she is on the lake when the moonlight touches it. Every night, Rothbart asks Odette to marry him so he can rule William's kingdom legally, but she refuses. During her captivity, she befriends a turtle named Speed (Steven Wright), a French frog named Jean-Bob (John Cleese), who claims to be a prince, and an Irish puffin (Steve Vinovich)...

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