The Wallflower Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Pull Down the Iron Curtain!.
Episode Description:
The boys try to cut Sunako's bangs, with no success. After Sunako accidentally walks in on Kyohei bathing, he jumps out of the window in surprise and catches a cold as a result. They do not know this until Sunako has to defend herself against a group of ganguro girls who try to cut off her bangs by force, due to their jealousy of her familiarity with Kyohei. Eventually, Kyohei saves Sunako, but he ends up with a fever. Sunako has to take care of him which she does not approve of, debating whether or not to kill him. As she attempts to, the other three boys walk in, and a black hole forms, pulling them in. The episode ends with Sunako screaming possession over Kyohei.

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