Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning English Dubbed

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Episode Title:
Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning.
Episode Description:
The first half of the movie retells the events of the first two episodes of the TV series. Following the events of the second episode, Kotetsu "Wild Tiger" Kaburagi tries to arrange a get together for Barnaby "Bunny" Brooks Jr. to get along with the other heroes, which ultimately fails due to them considering themselves rivals. The heroes are quickly called in to chase after a thief named Robin Baxter, who has stolen a statue that represents the importance of heroes. The heroes chase after him into an amusement park but find him near-impossible to catch due to his NEXT ability to instantly switch places with anyone that he can see, leading to some infights amongst the heroes. As Robin heads towards the observation deck, where he could use anyone in the city he can see to escape, Barnaby gets the idea to use his suit as a decoy, allowing him to catch Robin by preventing him from seeing anyone to switch with. The next day, Barnaby learns that it was Kotetsu who helped convince the other heroes to let Barnaby go on his own as he trusted him.

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