Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 6 A War of Giants


Episode Title:
A War of Giants.
Episode Description:
Optimus' team confronts Devastator, who is after the Enigma of Combination, and Megatron attempts to order his former minion to stand down; Devastator refuses, eager to claim the Enigma for himself. Victorion then arrives unannounced in search of the Enigma herself, and clashes with Devastator to prevent him from laying claim to it. The Council unlock the Enigma in desperation, and it falls to Starscream to activate it; unfortunately, this enables him to enact a scheme that he has had in the works all along. Fused with the Enigma's power, he takes control of the fallen Menasor and Computron and then enslaves Victorion and Devastator when they confront him, and uses the Enigma's power to merge all four with himself in order to form the Ultimate Combiner.

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