Tugs Episode 11 - Munitions


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One of the most dangerous but well-paying regular contracts the Star and Zero Fleets have is the Navy's contract for the delivery of munitions and fuel. Bluenose the bossy Naval Tug's continuous interference with the standard procedure when handling the delicate loads annoys both the Star and Zero Fleets. Later that night, with the Naval Tramper 'Kraka Toa' almost fully loaded, Bluenose arrives, cuts in, and demands his barge be unloaded immediately. Bluenose then forcefully rams into a loaded barge, setting off a catastrophic series of explosions around the Docks. Ten Cents bravely shifts a loaded Petrol barge out to sea and narrowly avoids the explosion. The following morning, the fire is put out. Bluenose is led away, clearly shocked by the previous night's events, as Captain Star warns the viewers to always respect fire.

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