Tugs Episode 9 - Warrior


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Despite being a strong tug, Warrior is often the most clumsiest, bumping into ships and barges alike. Assigned to collecting rocks from the quarry to be used as foundations at the old quay, Warrior bumps into Izzy Gomez and offers to bring him into port under tow. Izzy however, believes he can manage the task alone. Warrior leaves, warning Izzy that doing so is against the law. Big Mac is also assigned to rock delivery, but doesn't notice his barge is dangerously overloaded due to Zorran's remarks about Warrior's oafishness. Big Mac attempts the delivery regardless but Warrior accidentally sinks the barge with his wash. Meanwhile, Izzy sails in without a tow but crashes into the new foundations. Without the aid of Zip and Zug, Ten Cents prevents Izzy from capsizing but is struggling to stay afloat. Warrior arrives momentarily and helps Ten Cents, redeeming himself for his earlier mistake.

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