Valkyria Chronicles Episode 14 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Choice of Fouzen.
Episode Description:
The Gallians, led by Welkin and Faldio, and the Darcsen resistance, led by Zaka, assault the Imperial positions in Fouzen. Despite initial success in overwhelming the Imperial forces and rescuing the Darcsen prisoners, Gregor, the Equus and some surviving Imperial soldiers and tanks, are able to mobilize for the fight. When the Equus is lightly damaged by a planted explosives at the railway tracks, Gregor issues an ultimatum for the Gallians to withdraw from Fouzen or he will fire the Equus at the Darcsen civilians. Welkin is unsure what to do and Faldio orders the attack to continue. The Equus fires on the fleeing Darcsens. Isara and Ramal, who are in a hijacked Imperial tank, attack the Equus and eventually destroy it, killing Gregor. Despite the operation's success in liberating Fouzen, the deaths of the Darcsen civilians weighs heavily on the Gallians and the Darcsen resistance. Seeing the dead civilians, Rosie is traumatized as she starts to remember the deaths of her parents as a child.

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