Valkyria Chronicles Episode 17 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Gifts from The Spirits.
Episode Description:
The Gallian Militia receives new orders to attack the Imperial fortifications at the Mulberry Coast. However, due to the terrain, the only possible direction of attack is along the shoreline, which is completely exposed to the base's formidable defenses. Worse, the attack is scheduled to take place at the same time as the Holy Spirit Festival, a holiday that all Gallians celebrate. Squad 7 makes the best of the situation, and still manages to celebrate as the everyone exchanges gifts. Isara gives Rosie a handcrafted good luck charm doll, which Rosie accepts. Later, Isara manages to manufacture smoke shells for the Edelweiss to give Squad 7 a chance. During the attack, the smoke obscures the defender's line of sight and allows Squad 7 to breach the defenses. Emboldened by the Militia's success, the Regular Army finally joins the fight and forces the Imperials to retreat. During the attack Rosie avoids a sniper thanks to the good luck charm from Isara. As the battle ends, her attitude towards Isara begins to soften. As they converse, Isara is shot and killed by an Imperial sniper, much to Rosie's shock.

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