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Kakyō Kuzuki states that thanks to his ability to see the future through dreams, he always knew that there would be two Kamuis who would fight to decide Earth's fate. However, he does not care about anymore as he failed to save the woman he loved, Hokuto Sumeragi, after foreseeing her death. When trying to stop her, Kakyō was shot by the organization that kept him prisoner, and ended in a coma. Before that, Kakyō met Hokuto through a dream, and she invited him to go see the sea with him. The first encounters between the Dragons of Heaven and Dragon of Earth are shown, with Kakyō being taken to Fūma Monou's side. After the scenes, Kakyō remembers how he talked with Fūma's recently deceased sister, Kotori Monou, through a dream. Kotori wanted to him to tell Kamui and Fūma she loved both of them and that the destiny still was not decided. Kotori's words brought hope to Kakyō who wishes she is right, and wishes the time in which he will join Hokuto will come.

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