Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Searching for Oneself
Episode Description:
The next day, Eiko performs with Nanami again, but still feels she's nowhere near Nanami's level and begins losing faith. Meanwhile, Kabetaijin is having trouble coming up with lyrics for his upcoming match with Sekitoba, and both he and Eiko meet at the BB Lounge where they sing an impromptu performance together. Eiko then suggests that Kabetaijin return to his roots, so he decides to journey back to his old hometown where finds out from strangers and old friends that he's a local celebrity that everybody looks up to. Eiko meanwhile spends more time with Nanami and vents her frustrations to her, and Nanami agrees to help train Eiko and help her find her own voice. Over the next few days, thanks to Nanami's coaching, Eiko is able to significantly improve her singing, and she decides to head off to prove herself to Kido. After Eiko leaves, Nanami receives a phone call and then disappears.

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