Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers


With help from Japanese professor Nozomu Akatsuki, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man develops a new device called the Digital Identity Securement Kit, known as DISKs for short, designed to help the cause of stopping and detaining supervillains. However, whilst presenting the DISK project on Ryker Island, Loki appears and uses the very same DISKs to launch a breakout of all the captured supervillains, trapping Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wasp and Hulk inside DISKs as well. Nozomu’s sons, Akira and Hikaru, along with three other children, Edward, Chris, and Jessica, come to possess these DISKs and join forces to put a stop to Loki and his army of supervillains.

Genre; Action, Superhero

Language; -

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