Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 231 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Rusty Sword
Episode Description:
Tsubaki dreams about her samurai training with Sazanka and about their rivalry to win Mifune's katana. In the morning, she joins Wasabi and Namida at the hospital for a mission, where a merchant is bedridden. When the merchant is horrified by Tsubaki's katana, they realize a samurai was the culprit. After investigating the scene of the crime, Tsubaki finds evidence which suggests Sazanka was the assailant. While they were investigating, another merchant was attacked so they put a plan in motion to stop the criminal, but not before Tsubaki reveals her suspicions, as well as Sazanka's past attempt of trying to steal Mifune's katana. Team Wasabi gets the drop on the bandits, who reveal their bodyguard, Sazanka. Team Wasabi is forced to withdraw after Tsubaki fails to stop Sazanka from wounding her. Tsubaki tells the others that she is to blame for how Sazanka turned out, having won Mifune's blade by pure luck in the tournament against him. Team Wasabi returns with strengthened resolve and Tsubaki faces Sazanka once more, while Wasabi and Namida handle the bandits. The duel begins and Sazanka leaves no openings for Tsubaki to strike. However, she tells Sazanka that she gained strength from her comrades while his became dull from solitude and manages to defeat him.

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