Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 232 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Captain Denki's First Mission
Episode Description:
Naruto assigns Team Denki their first B-rank mission to deliver fully automated puppets to the Land of Water. Katasuke explains to Team Denki that their destination, Dotou Island, earns its income primarily from gold mining and they are in need of the puppets to safely excavate. After a long trip, Team Denki makes it to Dotou Island where they are greeted by Ounami, the chief of the excavation site. Ounami leads them into the mines where Denki activates the puppets to show how they work. Two miners retrieve a large bag of gold hidden behind rubble and take Ounami hostage while making their escape and locking everyone else in. Denki manages to dig them out with the puppets and use them to track the thieves to the shore. With the help of the puppets and all three of them working together, Team Denki defeat the thieves and retrieves the gold. Afterwards, Katasuke's research team arrives on the island.

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