Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 233 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The New Team 7 Jumps Into Action
Episode Description:
A pirate named Isari approaches the Hidden Mist from the oceanside, leading his battalion of ships. Meanwhile, Kawaki receives his headband and Naruto places him on Team 7 under Sarada's command. Naruto reveals their first mission together is to escort Katasuke to the Mist for a tech conference in the midst of rumors of a terrorist attack. At the conference, the next-generation power plant, the Shinonome is presented. Boruto searches for Kagura and learns that he became a prison warden. Sarada and Katasuke allow Boruto to go to the prison and greets Kagura. While there, he learns that some of Kagura's former teammates are held there and that Shizuma escaped after killing the previous warden. Kagura gives Boruto a tour of the prison, ending up at the central cell, housing Araumi Funato, the head of the Funato clan. Meanwhile, everyone at the conference is heading to the Shinonome by blimp and Sarada worries that Boruto won't make it back in time. One of the blimps crashes, killing the inventor's son and Isari starts his assault.

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