Burn Up! Warrior Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Search for the Virtual Idol.
Episode Description:
Beautiful Virtual Idol Maria is the product of a company who also manufacture illegal battle androids. Maria only exists in cyberspace but yearns to experience the real world and escapes in a spare battle android body. Team Warrior is assigned to investigate an underworld battle over the android distribution and to find the now missing Maria. Maria, now in the android body, demands a ransom for her return, but when Rio prepares to hand over the money, the company's battle android attacks and captures her. Nanavel arrives with her huge mechanical attack android AFH-X01, El-Heggunte, but it malfunctions, destroying a city bridge and creating a massive budget blow-out. During the battle, Nanavel saves Maria by transferring her consciousness into El-Heggunte, much to Maria’s disgust.

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