Burn Up! Warrior

Burn Up! Warrior


Team Warrior is composed of five members. Among the team members is Maki. Maki is the team's leader and brings to the unit that air of level headedness, precision, and tactical wit. Although she never takes part in field operations she controls the action most of the time via headsets. Next is Maya. Maya, who happens to be my favorite character, is the team's sniper/sniping specialist. Throughout most of the series Maya inquires as to "When Can I shoot somebody!" or "When can I blow something up?" Obviously Maya is a cross between a female Rambo and Indiana Jones. Then we have Rio. Although the name is quite odd in common anime her design concept and attitude is not. Rio, like her fellow female teammates, is quite attractive and very well endowed. However, unlike the rest of the team, she's actually quite seductive in some scenes (in a playful manner) and still dangerous on the field. Her and Maya are the only team members ever fully active in the field.

Genre; Comedy, Science Fiction

Language; Dubbed

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