Burn Up! Warrior Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Policetown Assault - Act 2.
Episode Description:
Team Warrior decide to take back the police headquarters from the terrorists rather than retreat with the approval of Maki Kawasaki although she is criticized by headquarters for her decision. Maya and Rio strip down to their brief battle undergarments and don their battle suits while the rest provide technical support. Maya has a new gun that's lighter, but more powerful than a tank gun and Rio gets a weapon called the "Armored Knucklebuster" which she wears it on her forearm giving her greater strength when she punches. Maya manages to take out Wolf Head, and Rio manages to take out Jackal Head and then they confront Dober Head disguised as a policeman but gain no information about their intentions. Although they won the battle, Team Warrior may not have won the war against the mysterious woman behind the manufacture of the deadly virtual reality devices.

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