Dimension W Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Chase the Numbers.
Episode Description:
Mira is paid six million yen by Mary for collecting the pigeons powered by illegal Coils, and Kyouma helps her purchase a trailer so she can have her own private space. She cleans and furnishes her trailer, and meets the four children who play around the auto yard. Three of them are endangered when a stack of wrecked cars collapses, and Mira reveals her robotic abilities to save them from being crushed. Meanwhile, Kyouma leaves to see Dendendo, a contact who shares information about the Numbers, New Tesla Energy Coil prototypes made before the large stabilizing towers were built, which draw energy from the depths of Dimension W, making them powerful and potentially dangerous. Although the police later investigate Kyouma for possible negligence of his property, he is released on the word of Claire Skyheart, Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O.) of New Tesla Energy Central 47 and grandmother of one of the children, Shiora Skyheart. Later, the children visit Mira, agreeing to keep the secret that she is a robot. Albert gives Claire his final report on the incident with Shido, and they discuss plans for Kyouma.

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