Dimension W Episode 4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Mystery Lurking in Yasogami Lake.
Episode Description:
Albert hires Kyouma to investigate the drowning of reclusive mystery novelist Shijuro Sakaki in his room at his remote hotel on Yasogami Lake, infamous for ghost sightings. On the way, Mira becomes unnerved after seeing a ghost, though there is no record in her memory logs. Kyouma visits a memorial near the hydroelectric dam built 21 years ago, while Mira scans Shijuro's books containing gruesome ghost stories. Albert reveals to Kyouma that a student intern named Haruna Enamori activated Number 189 back then, in which two search parties died in attempts to recover this Coil, and the ghost sightings have now returned after they ceased a decade ago when Shijuro bought the hotel. Koorogi restores a household robot's memory, which shows Shijuro being attacked by spectral figures, hinting that the robot was previously unable to sense their dimensional materialization. While visually reconstructing Yasogami Village, Mira finds herself trapped in a vision, which overlaps the past and present, and is attacked by a ghost. Meanwhile, a journalist is drowned in a van, and three other guests kidnap Shijuro's sister, Marisa Sakaki. Mira is shackled by Shiro Kamiki, who calls himself Shijuro Sakaki in Mira's presence.

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