Dimension W Episode 6 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Wind of Africa.
Episode Description:
Prince Salva-Enna-Tibesti, Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of robot manufacturer Islero and C.O.O. of New Tesla Energy Central 60, arrives in Japan. Salva's younger brother, Prince Lwai-Aura-Tibesti, runs off to excitedly explore Japan, spotting Kyouma and mistaking him as a samurai. After helping Lwai evade Islero's bodyguards in transformable motorcycles, Kyouma secretly realizes that Lwai has an artificial body. The two later go to a kimono shop, and Kyouma is welcomed by his "big sister" Tsubaki Azumaya, who provides him a new happi coat. Kyouma reveals that he suffers from memory loss, making it impossible for him to accept and forgive certain things, including his involvement in his fiancee Miyabi Azumaya five years ago. However, Kyouma now vows to get back what he lost. Salva's retainer, Lashiti, arrives to reclaim Lwai, who obediently goes along. Salva sends Lwai to Mary's that night, where he immediately attacks and severely damages her robot bodyguard Four before leaving a letter of a challenge for the Collectors, which will take place at the forbidden ruin of Easter Island in seven days. Salva tells Claire that he intends to start a war in order to avoid a war.

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