Dimension W Episode 7 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Call from the Past.
Episode Description:
In the past, Kyouma fell in love with Miyabi. He joined the special-ops unit Grendel in a deal with Seira Yurizaki to save Miyabi from an incurable muscular disease. Grendel was sent to recapture facilities on Easter Island, where the biggest dimensional malfunction in history occurred, but Kyouma does not remember what happened. Despite Grendel winning the war, the surgery for Miyabi was deemed a failure. From then on, Kyouma hated the Coils for stealing what was most precious to him. In the present, Salva explains to New Tesla Energy that he has summoned several Collectors to investigate Easter Island for the welfare of the company. With the reward money being fifty million dollars, the Collectors are to retrieve a single Coil which has begun working and seems to be allowing the region to recover from the nothingness of possibility. They travel on an airship, which suffers power loss as it closes under adverse weather. As a strange sphere breaches the airship, the flight crew dies, and the airship crashes. Meanwhile, Kyouma and Mira also take up the invitation, and Albert flies them along a different route to Easter Island.

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