Dimension W Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Island That Fell into Nothingness.
Episode Description:
After Albert lands safely on Easter Island, Kyouma and Mira race in a V10 engine car toward the research facility and ground zero of the disaster. A flashback shows that the King of Isla adopted Salva from the Farah Royal Orphanage before later siring a natural son, Lwai. While still children, Salva told Lwai about a dream of making a world in which Lwai will rule. In the present, Yuriy Antonov, "Hero" Jason Chrysler, "Hitman" K.K., and Scorpioncats Cassidy come ashore and assist Lwai in taking Salva, Lashiti, and Sanchez, all of whom are comatose, to a log cabin for shelter. Once Lwai plays footage of Salva explaining the contest's rules, Cassidy is left behind at the log cabin. The sphere briefly reappears, but Lashiti awakes and tells Cassidy that it seems oddly disinterested in women. Large shielded robots trapped in the null possibility begin reactivating and attacking. Kyouma and Mira team up with Harry & Debby East river, taking down a robot and digging through a protrusion. They have a close call passing through a region of nothingness, and Kyouma summons his courage to continue, that is until Loser unexpectedly confronts them.

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