El Hazard The Magnificent World Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Fifth Night: The World of Thunder.
Episode Description:
"The World of Thunder" begins with Ifurita razing a city, which understandably motivates Roshtaria and its allies to assemble to deal with the problem. Rune Venus' fiancée, Lord Galus, persuades her and the priestesses to unseal the Eye of God, the only weapon capable of defeating Ifurita. Lord Galus of course secretly commands the Phantom Tribe who kidnapped Princess Fatora. They now prepare to use her to seize control of the Eye of God. With the two most unstoppable pieces of technology ever to appear in the world of El Hazard- The Eye of God and Ifurita- under the control of the Phantom Tribe and Jinnai respectively, the situation seems hopeless. Oh, but wait. In the most freakishly fortunate coincidence yet, Rune Venus' wiseman promptly learns that Makoto also gained a superpower when he jumped through dimensions- the ability to "synchronize" with the technological artifacts of the ancient El Hazard civilization and possibly to control them. As if on cue, the demon goddess Ifurita descends and begins blasting Roshtaria to rubble.

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