El Hazard The Magnificent World Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Sixth Night: The World of Gleaming Light.
Episode Description:
Ifurita easily thrashes the high priestesses and the Roshtarian army, but when confronted by Makoto, she mysteriously cannot complete her assignment to destroy Roshtaria, and so flies away. The Phantom Tribe seizes control of the Stairway to the Gods and finally fire the Eye of God. But they cannot control it and so they too fail to destroy Roshtaria. Jinnai launches an all-out Bugrom invasion and overruns the countryside, but inexplicably he also doesn't destroy Roshtaria. Meanwhile in Roshtaria, Makoto and his companions continue to flirt and fight amongst themselves. Then for a nice change of pace, after Ifurita thrashes the Phantom Tribe and kidnaps Princess Fatora- without whom they cannot use the Eye of God - Makoto, Sensei and the priestesses go to rescue her (again) and Ifurita is ordered to kill Makoto but cannot. Jinnai launches an all out Bugrom assault on Roshtaria, which fails (again). And the Phantom Tribe takes control of the Eye of God again.

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