El Hazard The Magnificent World Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Seventh Night: The World of Endless Adventures.
Episode Description:
Just when the Phantom Tribe seems on the verge of destroying El Hazard again, Ifurita counterattacks and kills Lord Galus. Jinnai orders her to kill Makoto (again), and finally, Makoto uses his superhuman control of El Hazard technology to disarm the Eye of God. Some people just don't learn. Before it deactivates, the Eye, a deathstar with control over dimensions, sends Ifurita through time and space to Earth where she lies buried until Makoto wakes her at the beginning of the first episode. Having come full circle, the series concludes with Makoto returning himself to Earth and running across a meadow to embrace his beloved legendary demon goddess who has been waiting for him on Earth for ten thousand years.

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