Eve no Jikan Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Chie & Shimei: Melody of Eve.
Episode Description:
Masaki tells Rikuo of an experimental android designed to take care of human children, which he suspects Shinmei of being. Rikuo visits the cafe alone to find that Shimei has left Chie by herself as part of a monthly obligation. Rikuo tries to press Chie to find out what it is, but Akiko stops him, and Setoro tells him that it can't be helped because humans hurt those around them. Rikuo falls asleep and wakes up to find Sammy playing a song on the cafe piano. Rikuo tells her that he stopped playing because he would've hated it if she mastered the piano. He goes on to say that he doesn't care anymore and plays. Shinmei returns and thanks Rikuo for the performance. Rikuo tells Nagi that he doesn't dislike the cafe.

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