Eve no Jikan Episode 6 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Masaki: Friendships of Eve.
Episode Description:
In a flashback, Masaki's father overhears their android, THX, console Masaki about his parent's marital problems. In response, Masaki's father silences THX and lies to Masaki that he is broken. In the present, the Ethics Committee plans to crack down on places that promote improper relations between humans and androids and plan to send out undercover androids for the initial investigation. Rikuo asks Masaki to come back to the cafe again but is rejected. Masaki decides to tell his father about the cafe, but comes home to find out that THX has left by itself. He receives a call from Rikuo and finds out that THX is at the cafe, warning them about the Ethics Committee, and Masaki goes to the cafe. The undercover android sent by the Ethics Committee enters the cafe and is recognized by THX. THX, recognizing danger to Masaki, goes against its order to not speak, and confronts the android, causing it to retreat. THX tells Masaki that it always wanted to be by his side, before becoming quiet once again. We see that the investigation of the cafe is put on hold. The episode ends with a new customer (not shown) entering the cafe.

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