Family Guy Season 22 Episode 5 Baby, It's Cold Inside


Episode Title:
Baby, It's Cold Inside
Episode Description:
Peter forgets to make plans for his and Lois' anniversary, but is bailed out by Seamus who lends them a boat for a dinner on the ocean. During a skinny dip, a dolphin approaches them, but Peter flees upon mistaking it for a shark ditching Lois in the water. Although she is unharmed, Lois is disappointed in Peter for not being the alpha she needs in her life despite forgiving him. When his attempts to make it up to her fail ranging from putting her in the intro of an episode of Saturday Night Live and giving her a flower taken from a roadside memorial, Quagmire suggests they fake a similar incident in order for Peter to save Lois, but the guys' plan falls apart. Lois saves Peter from an actual shark and quickly discovers the ruse, but is nonetheless content, having discovered that she herself was the alpha in her life. The two have make-up sex by the harbor as the guys look on. Meanwhile, Stewie finds a discarded mini-fridge while out on a walk. After beating Danny DeVito to claiming it, Stewie decides to keep it in his room despite Brian's concerns about him being too little to have one. Stewie converts his bedroom into a college dorm, complete with a Canadian roommate named Ghee and claiming that he enrolled in the University of College. While throwing a college party, he calls Brian out for how he is suddenly obsessed over his safety. Brian agrees to loosen up, but they accidentally leave the fridge cracked during the party. In the final scene, Lois sees Peter off to work as Brian discovers that Stewie and all the guests are fatally frozen solid, leaving Brian to break down in tears stating that he warned Stewie that he is too young to own a mini-fridge. In a parody of the ending to The Shining, a group photo is seen with Stewie in it stating "University of College 1923".

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