Family Guy Season 22 Episode 6 Boston Stewie


Episode Title:
Boston Stewie
Episode Description:
While reading the mail, Stewie discovers that he has a half-sibling due to Lois donating eggs in 1997, and strives to seek them out. However, it turns out that this baby is a crass, orphaned thug from Boston, Massachusetts who only resembles Stewie physically. While letting him stay at the Griffins' house for a while, Stewie uses his thuggery to push around the adults in his life, but Boston Stewie expresses his desires to be adopted after seeing Stewie get a kiss from Lois. Stewie spends the next week cleaning up his counterpart's act and following a misstep with one potential couple at the adoption fair, Boston Stewie is taken in by Mark Walhberg's seven sisters. Meanwhile, Meg attempts to humiliate Chris after he sits on some cupcakes she made by posting a picture of the mess online. After the post goes viral, the two decide to start a FansOnly where Chris will sit on food to earn money. Chris later blows up and quits after noticing the mixed reception, stressful environment, and knee stuff requests. Peter stpes in as a substitute, but his demands drive Meg crazy. Chris decides to continue sitting on food for money in the vein of a prostitute, but when he feels undervalued, Meg reassures him that he is valuable and the two make up by sitting on cupcakes together and shutting down their venture.

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