Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Demon King's Name
Episode Description:
Luseiannel explains first years must choose either Knight classes to learn combat, or Research classes to invent new spells. Laius and Marianne interrupt as they want Haruto to join their classes. Haruto is grateful when Irisphilia appears, using the excuse to avoid choosing a class. Irisphilia is instinctively aware there are two Haruto’s, as well as Still Pending, causing Haruto to suspect she is a demon. She asks Haruto to be her first friend, explaining she kept being abandoned by foster families so she is terrible at communicating. Haruto is compelled to agree and joins her ancient magic research class, which unfortunately is also Luseiannel’s class. Elsewhere, Flay reminisces on the previous Demon Lord, a kind man who sought peace with humans until Gizelotte killed him. Flay believes he reincarnated as Haruto, when in fact he reincarnated as Irisphilia, whom Haruto nicknames Iris. Char teleports to the academy and is happy Haruto has begun assembling a harem of wives, as long as she marries him too one day. Iris is baffled by Char’s bizarre claims, as well as Haruto letting Char pick his other classes since, according to Char, he has already mastered magic and there is nothing left the academy could possibly teach him. Haruto promises to help Iris work hard, but privately still plans to be expelled.

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